In just one generation we can design and build the healthiest and greenest environment that would improve quality of life and economic opportunity for future generations. Moreover our mission is to help build a sustainable future with solar energy. That mission is always at the core of all our decision-making and our focus will always be on the future.

We have a "Customer for life" Philosophy

Here at GreenSlate Solar we focus on meeting our customer's needs, and keeping them forever. We are in the people business, and solar technology gives people more freedom, more control, and more peace of mind in their everyday lives. Homeowners and businesses alike will have their solar panels on their properties forever, which creates an amazing opportunity to provide ongoing value for customers.


Who are we?

We are experienced solar professionals that have been in this business for 5 years. Originally sub-contracting for big solar projects all around Ohio and the surrounding states. We decided to cut the middle man to be able to offer exceptional work at a better cost. GreenSlate Solar was founded on the values of improving the quality of life for our customers and helping spread positivity towards green energy.